Monday, March 9, 2009

WOW!!! 112 organizations, 185 individuals endorse the 2009 Gay Men's Health Agenda

In a word...

The gays really kick ass.

- Fred Swanson, Executive Director of Gay City Health Project

You can still endorse the agenda - as an individual, as an organization, or both.

But the FINAL deadline, yes, FINAL DEADLINE, is TODAY - March 9.

We will be presenting the agenda to advocates, policy-makers, and other key stakeholders at local, state and national levels.

Your sign-on will make a difference

Read the full document right here, on LifeLube.

If you have already added your own name or that of your organization, THANK YOU!

If you haven't yet, email no later than 5:00pm March 9th - TODAY - to ensure that you and/or your organization is listed as an endorser. After this date/time, we will continue to collect endorsements for organizing and communication purposes. If we have missed your name here, please forgive us and send your endorsement again so we can make sure it is included.

Please forward this request far and wide. Any questions can be addressed to

(list in formation, as of March 9)

1. A Brave New Day, Jackson, MS
2. Acadiana C.A.R.E.S., Lafayette, LA
3. Adelson Consulting Services, Inc., Chelsea, MA
4. African American Office of Gay Concerns, Newark, NJ
5. AIDS Action Baltimore, Inc., Baltimore, MD
6. AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts, Boston, MA
7. AIDS Action Council, Washington, DC
8. AIDS Alabama, Birmingham, AL
9. AIDS Foundation Chicago, Chicago, IL
10. AIDS Institute, Washington, DC
11. AIDS Marathon Training Program, Chicago, IL
12. AIDS Project Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
13. AIDS Project Worcester, Inc., Worcester, MA
14. AIDS Rochester, Inc., Rochester, NY
15. AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition, New York, NY
16. Alliance Rights Nigeria (ARN) Abuja Nigeria
17. Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center, San Francisco, CA
18. Behavioral Working Group of the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study, Chicago, IL
19. Bienestar Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
20. Black LGBT Archivists Society of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
21. Black Pride Society, Detroit, MI
22. Boston Living Center, Boston, MA
23. Brothers Uplifting Brothers, Inc., Merrillville, IN
24. Cambridge Cares About AIDS, Cambridge, MA
25. Cascade AIDS Project, Portland, OR
26. Catholics for Choice, Washington, DC
27. Center for Health Justice, West Hollywood, CA
28. Center on Halsted, Chicago, IL
29. Chicago House, Chicago, IL
30. Chicago Recovery Alliance, Chicago IL
31. The COLOURS Organization, Inc., Philadelphia, PA
32. Common Ground – The Westside HIV Community Center, Santa Monica, CA
33. Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project (CHAMP), New York, NY
34. Conant Foundation, San Francisco, CA
35. Congregation Sha’ar Zahav, San Francisco, CA
36. Creations for Empowerment, Brooklyn, NY
37. Fan Free Clinic, Richmond, VA
38. Fenway Health, Boston, MA
39. The Fenway Institute, Boston, MA
40. Gay City Health Project, Seattle, WA
41. Gay Men's Health Crisis, New York, NY
42. Gay Men's Health Leadership Academy, New York, NY
43. Georgia Equality, Atlanta, GA
44. GLBT Community Center of Baltimore
45. Guyana Rainbow Foundation, Georgetown, Guyana
46. Harlem United Community AIDS Center, New York, NY
47. Harm Reduction Coalition, New York, NY and Oakland, CA
48. HealthCare Responses, Birmingham, AL
49. Health Management Institute Inc., San Francisco, CA
50. HIV Dental Alliance, Atlanta, GA
51. HIVictorious, Inc., Madison, WI
52. HIV Law Project, New York, NY
53. House of Blahnik, Philadelphia, PA
54. Howard Brown Health Center, Chicago, IL
55. Human Rights Campaign, Washington, DC
56. The Independent project for Equal Right, Lagos,Nigeria
57. Inova Juniper Program, Springfield, VA
58. International Federation of Black Prides, Inc., Washington, DC
59. Ishtar MSM, Nairobi, Kenya
60. JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc., Boston, MA
61. Latino Commission on AIDS, New York, NY
62. Latino Health Advocacy Coalition, New York, NY
63. Legacy Community Health Services, Houston, TX
64. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, New York, NY
65. Lifelong AIDS Alliance, Seattle, WA
66. Log Cabin Republicans, Washington, DC
67. Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, Los Angeles, CA
68. The Louisiana Latino Health Coalition for HIV/AIDS Awareness, Baton Rouge, LA
69. Magnet, a Program of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, San Francisco, CA
70. The MALE Center, AIDS Action Committee, MA
71. Mazzoni Center, Philadelphia, PA
72. Metro TeenAIDS, Washington DC
73. Michigan Positive Action Coalition, Detroit, MI
74. Minnesota AIDS Project, Minneapolis, MN
75. Montana Gay Men’s Task Force, Missoula, MT
76. NALGAP: The Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Addiction Professionals and their Allies, Washington, DC
77. Nashville Cares, Nashville, TN
78. National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors, Washington, DC
79. National Association of People with AIDS (NAPWA) Washington, DC
80. National Black Gay Men's Advocacy Coalition, Washington, DC
81. National Black Leadership Commission On AIDS, New York, NY
82. National Coalition for LGBT Health, Washington, DC
83. National LGBT Tobacco Control Network, Boston, MA
84. National Minority AIDS Council, Washington, DC
85. New Leaf: Services For Our Community, San Francisco, CA
86. Okaloosa AIDS Support and Informational Services, Inc. (OASIS), Ft. Walton Beach, FL
87. Philadelphia Jacks, Philadelphia, PA
88. Pink and Blues, Philadelphia, PA
89. Pride Counseling, Salt Lake City, UT
90. Project Inform, San Francisco, CA
91. Proyecto Sol, Philadelphia, PA
92. Queers for Economic Justice, New York, NY
93. Queer Spirit, Salt Lake City, UT
94. Sacrena Gay Coalition, Kenya
95. SafeGuards LGBT Health Resource Center, Philadelphia, PA
96. San Francisco AIDS Foundation, San Francisco, CA
97. SisterLove, Inc., Atlanta, GA
98. Society Against STIs & HIV (Sash Bahamas), Bahamas
99. Southeast Regional Gay Men’s Health Summit, Fort Lauderdale, FL
100. Stouffer-Ogburn Center for Social Organization Research at NORC at the University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
101. Strata Various Product Design, Beverly Hills, CA
102. Sunshine Social Services/ Sunserve , Fort Lauderdale, FL
103. Test Positive Aware, Chicago, IL
104. TII CANN - Title II Community AIDS National Network, Washington, DC
105. Transgender Training and Advocacy, Burlington, VT
106. UMDNJ- NJGAY Health Initiative
107. U.S. Positive Women’s Network
108. UVA Pride, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
109. Victory Programs, Inc., Boston, MA
110. White Crane Institute, Brooklyn, NY
111. Woodhull Freedom Foundation, Washington, DC
112. WORLD (Women Organized to Respond to Life-Threatening Disease), Oakland, CA

(list in formation, as of March 9)

1. David Acosta, Philadelphia, PA
2. Stephan Adelson, Chelsea, MA
3. Chris Alston, Philadelphia, PA
4. Bruce Anderson, New York, NY
5. Gina Arias, New York, NY
6. Tommy Atz, Philadelphia, PA
7. Cornelius Baker, Washington, DC
8. Jed Barnum, Boston, MA
9. Chris Bartlett, Philadelphia, PA
10. Jim Baxter, College Park, MD
11. Jeanne Bergman, Ph.D. New York, NY
12. Roy Berkowitz, Springfield, VA
13. J.M. Birmingham, Brooklyn, NY
14. Bob Bowers, Madison, WI
15. Larry Bragg, Oakland, CA
16. Bill Briggs, Springfield, VA
17. Jared Douglas Brodin, Seattle, WA
18. Susan Buchbinder, MD, San Francisco, CA
19. Jerry Buie, LCSW, Salt Lake City, UT
20. Katy Caldwell, Houston, TX
21. Rudy Carn, Atlanta, GA
22. Ryan Clary, San Francisco, CA
23. John Cottrell, Ph.D., Salt Lake City, UT
24. Gwenn Craig, San Francisco, CA
25. Philip G. Curtis, Los Angeles, CA
26. Jason Crooks, Lafayette, LA
27. Alberto Curotto, PhD, San Francisco, CA
28. Mark A. Davis, Philadelphia, PA
29. Julie Davids, Providence, RI
30. Lynda Dee, Baltimore, MD
31. Dennis deLeon, New York, NY
32. Jose de Marco, Philadelphia, PA
33. Davide Deo, Kericho, Kenya
34. Julie Ebin, Cambridge, MA
35. Christopher Eden, MD, DHS, San Francisco, CA
36. Sergio Farfán, Baton Rouge, LA
37. Bill Farrand, Chicago, IL
38. David Fawcett, PhD, Fort Lauderdale, FL
39. Marc Felion, Chicago, IL
40. Nayck B. Feliz, Pittsburgh, PA
41. David Ferguson, San Francisco, CA
42. Fausto Fernòs, Chicago, IL
43. Deborah H. Fournier, Esq., Boston, MA
44. Earl D. Fowlkes, Jr., Washington, DC
45. Rebecca Fox, Washington, DC
46. Christopher H. Gaynor, MD, FAAFP, Seattle, WA
47. Steven Gibson, MSW, San Francisco, CA
48. Paul Gilbert, Carrboro, NC
49. Raven Gildea, Seattle, WA
50. Sophie Godley, Swampscott, MA
51. Marco Gomes, Toronto, ON, Canada
52. Jeffrey Goodman, Santa Monica, CA
53. Allegra Gordon, Philadelphia, PA
54. Celia M. Grant, Roxbury, MA
55. Brian M. Green, Philadelphia, PA
56. Gary Grossman, PhD, San Francisco, CA
57. Howard A. Grossman, MD, Boston, MA
58. Charles Gueboguo, Cameroon
59. Jeff Graham, Atlanta, GA
60. Rebecca Haag, Boston, MA
61. Robert J. Hadley, Chicago, IL
62. Bridget Haire, Sydney, Australia
63. Jessica Halem, Portland, OR
64. Matt Hamilton, Los Angeles, CA
65. Johnnie Hamilton-Mason, MSW, PhD
66. Doreen Hardy, West Chester, PA
67. Matty Hart, Philadelphia, PA
68. Beth Hastie, Boston, MA
69. Vicki Hastings
70. Thomas W. Hawkins, Jr., Edgewood, MD
71. David Herrera, Missoula, MT
72. Kathie Hiers, Birmingham, AL
73. Michael Hinson, Philadelphia, PA
74. David Hoover, Springfield, VA
75. Trevor Hoppe, Ann Arbor, MI
76. Mark Hubbard, Nashville, TN
77. Damon L. Humes, Rochester, NY
78. Joe Interrante, Nashville, TN
79. Mark Ishaug, Chicago, IL
80. Albo Jeavons, Philadelphia, PA
81. Bill Jesdale, San Francisco, CA
82. Ronald Johnson, Washington, DC
83. Kevin Trimell Jones, Philadelphia, PA
84. A. Billy S. Jones-Hennin, Washington, DC
85. Benjamin Kaniaru, Nairobi, Kenya
86. William David Karchner, Albany, NY
87. Naina Khanna, Oakland, CA
88. Roger Samantha Kingori, Nairobi, Kenya
89. Ben Kudler, Boston, MA
90. Steven P. Kurtz, Ph. D., Coral Gables, FL
91. Chuck Lacombe, Dorchester, MA
92. Stewart Landers, Boston, MA
93. Jennifer Lauby, Philadelphia, PA
94. Krista Lauer, Los Angeles, CA
95. James Learned, New York, NY
96. Ricci Joy Levy, Washington, DC
97. Thomas Lewis, Melrose, MA
98. Erik Libey, Rochester, NY
99. Peter Lien, Philadelphia, PA
100. Fred Lopez, San Francisco, CA
101. Samuel Lurie, Burlington, Vermont
102. Marcelo Maia, New York, NY
103. Kennedy Majanga, Nairobi, Kenya
104. Harvey J. Makadon, MD Boston, MA
105. Duane Malone, Jackson, MS
106. Derrick Mapp, San Francisco, CA
107. Hiroshi Matsumoto, MD, PhD, Okayama, Japan
108. Reverend Wycliffe Mboya, Kenya
109. Audrey Mbugua, Nairobi, Kenya
110. Philip T. McCabe, New Brunswick, NJ
111. Dennis McCarthy, Seattle WA
112. Sojourner McCauley, Brooklyn, NY
113. Garrod McFadden, Philadelphia, PA
114. Michael McFadden, Chicago, IL
115. Butch McKay, Ft. Walton Beach, FL
116. Tom Menard, Chicago, IL
117. Tim Menza, Seattle, WA
118. Reynaldo Mireles, Jr., Denver, CO
119. Lourence Misedah, Nairobi, Kenya
120. Jason Mitchell, Portland, OR
121. James R. Moser, San Francisco, CA
122. Jeffrey Moses, Nairobi, Kenya
123. David Munar, Chicago, IL
124. Christopher Murray, LCSW, New York, NY
125. Peter Njane, Nairobi, Kenya
126. Kaijson Noilmar, Seattle, WA
127. Terry Oldes, Chicago, IL
128. Jerry Opany, Nairobi, Kenya
129. Ifeanyi Kelly Orazulike, Abuja, Nigeria
130. Cecilio Orta, Charlotte, NC
131. David G. Ostrow, MD, PhD, Chicago, IL
132. T. Scott Pegues, Denver, CO
133. John Peller, Chicago, IL
134. David Alan Perkiss, Philadelphia, PA
135. Jim Pickett, Chicago, IL
136. Mark Pineda, Chicago, IL
137. Rafael Ponce, New York, NY
138. Chris Powers, San Francisco, CA
139. Alvan Quamina, Oakland, CA
140. Tony Radovich, Seattle, WA
141. Michael Emanuel Rajner, Fort Lauderdale, FL
142. Daniel Reeders, Melbourne, Australia
143. Jeffrey Reidhead, Seattle, WA
144. Robert Reinhard, San Francisco, CA
145. Leo Rennie, Washington, DC
146. Danny Resnic, Beverly Hills, CA
147. David Reznick, DDS, Atlanta, GA
148. Doug Rose, Baltimore, MD
149. Randall Russell, Birmingham, AL
150. Dennis E. Saffer, Seattle, WA
151. Michael Scarce, San Francisco, CA
152. Carl Schmid, Washington, DC
153. Scout, Providence, RI
154. Erick Seelbach, Seattle, WA
155. Walt Senterfitt, PhD RN, Los Angeles, CA
156. Michael Shankle, Boston, MA
157. Nurit Shein, Philadelphia, PA
158. Larry Shoemaker, Oakland, CA
159. Ron Simmons, Washington, DC
160. Ben Singer, Philadelphia, PA
161. Stan Sloan, Chicago, IL
162. Shane Snowdon, San Francisco, CA
163. Anne Statton, Chicago, IL
164. Charles Stephens, Atlanta, GA
165. Edward Strickler, Jr., Albemarle County, VA
166. Fred Swanson, Seattle, WA
167. Carl Tasker, Charlotte, NC
168. Coleman Terrell, Philadelphia, PA
169. Dennis Torres, Stamford CT
170. Moses Tunya, Nairobi, Kenya
171. Tony Valenzuela, Los Angeles, CA
172. Rodney Vanderwarker, Boston, MA
173. Dr. Justin Varney, London, UK
174. Roy Wadia, Vancouver, Canada
175. Steven F. Wakefield, Seattle, WA
176. Jeffrey Walimbwa, Nairobi, Kenya
177. Solomon Wambua, Nairobi, Kenya
178. Robin T. Webb, Jackson, MS
179. Seth L. Welles, Philadelphia, PA
180. Lisa Diane White, Atlanta, GA
181. Garland Wood, Seattle, WA
182. Robert Wood, MD, Seattle, WA
183. Gary Paul Wright, Newark, NJ
184. Al Wroblewski, Uxbridge, MA
185. Bo Young, Brooklyn, NY

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