Many "Take Back Boystown" members aimed to clarify that they are not advocating for racial profiling in Lakeview, and comments on that page appeared considerably less controversial than in recent weeks, with few blaming youth of color outright for neighborhood crimes.

LGBT organizations stepped forward and offered their resources for mediating those discussions. Both Taskforce Prevention and Community Services, a West Side HIV-service organization, and Center on Halsted announced initiatives to deal both with crime and with LGBT youth issues.

Center on Halsted has taken heat in recent weeks from residents who claim that the organization attracts youth who loiter and commit crimes to the neighborhood. Modesto "Tico" Valle, CEO of the Center, had said the Center was helping the situation, not making it worse. Making good on that promise, Valle announced a new taskforce "to build a safer and more welcoming community" as well as new self-defense and conflict mediation classes for the community.

"These are challenging times for our community," said Valle in the July 15 announcement. "Now is the time to work together again so we can build a safer and more welcoming environment for all people."

Sitraka Andriamanantenasoa, the Center's new community relations director, also spent much of the week meeting with community members about their concerns and hopes for the Center.

Taskforce Prevention and Community Services announced its own taskforce for addressing similar issues.

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